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Sound Gold Buyers

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Port Townsend, WA

5.0 star rating

Sound Gold is a basic, no frills and efficient gold buying service:  not a fancy storefront jewellery store, no inventory on display, and no ceremonies.  Ben is a straightforward, businesslike and honest individual who will appraise your items,  give you an instant quote - and payment on the spot.  I made some research prior to my visit and found that shopping mall outfits and internet "mail-in" businesses quote you a price well below the gold value of your pieces (often as much as 50%-60%) and your best bet is to deal with a local service such as "Sound Gold" - you get the best return.  All previous positive comments well deserved.

Updated November 17, 2011:  I recommended Sound Gold to another friend and he found Ben to be honest and fair.  If you are looking to sell unwanted gold, look no further. 


Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

I've never sold gold before, so I don't have a lot to compare today's experience with, but I left a happy customer. Ben struck me as very professional and it was nice to work with him. I decided to go to Sound Gold Buyers because of other people's reviews on Yelp, and I wanted to confirm that everyone else's positive reviews are right on.

Barbara ‎ - Nov 3, 2011
You've found the right place! Ben is courteous, honest, easy going and a pleasure to work with. I'm so happy I read all the reviews before going to any of those other places. You'll get the best price for your items here. Sound Gold is highly recommended with it's superior customer service!!! Thank you Ben. 

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

Best price in town. Yes, I did shop around. I brought the same piece to that big one on TV. in west Seattle. They kept talking down about your gold to justify the LOW price they gave you. No joke try it for yourself. 
Ben gave best price in town, Hope he will never change when he get to be so big. 
Oh.. Don't ever mail your gold to those online Gold buyer, you will never see anything back.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

Awesome place that gives top dollar for your things. We are more than pleased with the sale.  He makes it comfortable and the high dollar amount makes it very, very easy to get over parting with your items.

Give him a call and make an appointment.  He is a busy dude but will make time for the smallest things.

Steilacoom, WA

5.0 star rating

Great service, top dollar, and a bit of an education as well. Ben is delighful, honest and trustworthy. I've sold several times to him and will happily go back. He's a stand up guy in an industry with lots of scammers. Can't say enough good about the experience.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

For the sale of old jewelry, Sound Gold made the experience pretty easy and laughed at my ill-timed jokes about my divorce. It was nothing like it was going to be and they were very professional. Highly recommended.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

Just got back from trading in a gold bracelet, and deposited my $185 check! Woo hoo! Fantastic business to have outdated jewelry appraised and bought. He even used an iPhone app to show me how much gold was trading at THAT VERY MINUTE and bought it at that price ($1,194 an ounce. I too will refer everyone I know who wants to cash in their gold and precious metals to Sound Gold Buyers. There are a few parking spots behind the business in the alleyway. I really don't think you'd find a better place to go. Ben even offered a soft drink while I was there! Thanks Ben!

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating

I too hadn't sold gold before, but everything I read online made it sound a bit strange (and like you had to shop around for a buyer). Ben gave me what I believe was a good price, was friendly, and explained the whole process of testing the gold to confirm what karat it was. 

Only note- make sure you give him a call before going there. His hours fluctuate some!

Lindsay H.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

This place is awesome. I chose to search yelp for a non-sketch place to sell a piece of jewelry and this place exceeded my expectations. Incredibly nice and willing to answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend going here.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

honest, nice, the best experience i could have imagined!  Ben is honest, has great references, shares all current info, and explains methods of testing.  i'm referring friends and family to him.  go to Sound Gold Buyers! 



u2necie2 ‎ - Dec 12, 2011
I would never go anywhere else. This was the easiest transaction ever! Ben is so straight forward, explains everything he is doing to evaluate and measure your gold. I got a great price and it was a pleasure to do business with Ben. Cheers! 

Barbara ‎ - Nov 3, 2011
You've found the right place! Ben is courteous, honest, easy going and a pleasure to work with. I'm so happy I read all the reviews before going to any of those other places. You'll get the best price for your items here.Sound Gold is highly recommended with it's superior customer service!!! Thank you Ben. 
Robert ‎ - Oct 18, 2011
Ben is straightforward, honest, and efficient . It was a pleasure doing business with him and I highly recommend him. 
Mary Ann ‎ - Sep 12, 2011
Ben--who is low-key and very easy to work with--bought some dental gold from me for $510. The bigger operations in W. Seattle and Bellevue offered $328 and $325 respectively for the same pieces on the same day. Definitely worth doing your legwork and at least getting an estimate here--although if I have gold to sell in the future, I won't even bother with anyone else. 
naniseattle ‎ - Aug 17, 2011
All these excellent reviews reflect exactly what I experienced today. I took some gold jewelry to sell. Ben is professional and great to do business with. 
Sarah ‎ - Apr 30, 2011
This was my first jewelry sale--so I wasn't sure what to expect. I started out getting a quote from Ben @ Sound Gold Buyers. He was very patient and explained all that he was doing to value my jewelry. I then went over to West Seattle to get a second opinion. Ended up back with Ben @ Sound Gold Buyers to sell my jewelry. Between the two places, Ben offered the highest pay for my jewelry and he was, by far, the most professional. I would highly recommend Ben. I will definitely go back to him for future jewelry sales! 
 Pat ‎ - Apr 21, 2011
Like others, I was a bit hesitant to mail off my coins to an unknown address and recipient. However, Ben allayed my concerns with his prompt and detailed responses to my muliple questions. His payment was phenomenally quick. Overall a superb experience - I would recommend Ben and Sound Gold Buyers to anyone, any time. 
danger ‎ - Dec 29, 2010
I went here to sell my Mother's ' silver' jewelery from Mexico. I had no idea what I was dealing with but I knew much of it would be nothing more than shiny metal. Ben helped me pick the real silver from the fake stuff, and did a great job of making me feel comfortable and showing me the testing process. I picked Sound Gold Buyers because they are local and all their reviews pointed to an honest and straight-forward business, I was not disappointed. 
Emily/Erick ‎ - Jun 22, 2010
very impressed I was extremely impressed with Sound Gold Buyers. I took a handful of jewelry into the office this afternoon and left with a check in hand for an amount I felt really good about. The owner weighed and tested my gold and platinum and looked up the current prices with me on the internet. I felt confident and secure throughout the process and even learned a few things about testing minerals and stones. I highly recommend Sound Gold Buyers to anyone interested in selling jewelry and will definitely go back in the future! 

 Troy ‎ - May 10, 2010
AMAZING!!! If you want to sell your gold this is a number 1 place to go. I felt very confident from the moment I walked in. All of my questions were answered, I felt very respected and welcomed. I've got the best deal I could possibly get. Ben, thank you so much for your time and your professionalism. I will be back soon. You know what you are doing and I will recommend you to all of my friends and colleges. Thank you. 
Colleen ‎ - Apr 24, 2010
 Sound Gold Buyers are simply the best!!! In a time of crooks and liars, Sound Gold Buyersremind us that there are a few honest business people left. From the time I walked in I felt welcomed, respected and that my business was appreciated. I did my homeword on the current gold prices just 20 minutes before I left my house. Ben, you are above reproach and are an asset to your profession. You have earned my business and will see you again. Thank you! 
Sua ‎ - Apr 1, 2010
 Sound Gold Buyers went beyond our expectations! Exchanging gold for cash can be a nerve racking experience since it's not an every day transaction for an average person. It was something new for us and we were so glad to run into Ben at Sound Gold Buyers. We wanted to find a trusted buyer who is honest, fair, and professional in order to get the most value for our gold ring. Ben went beyond our expectations! He simplified the process, took his time to explain to us the steps involved, and gave us a very fair price. I'd recommend Sound Gold Buyers to anyone who is looking to get an estimate or to at least give Ben a call before you make a decision to go with any other merchants. 

 Mar 1, 2010
It Pays to Shop Around I went to see Ben at Sound Gold Buyers after an unfortunate experience at another place. Ben offered me almost exactly double the price that the strip mall folks had quoted. He even gave me a price on a silver piece that the "other guys" said was probably pewter. If you have time to get other quotes, it really pays to do it. If you don't have that kind of time, I would recommend going to Sound Gold Buyers instead of the mall people. This is an honest business. 
Charles ‎ - Jan 30, 2010
Top Notch! Ben is honest and more than fair..he checks and rechecks using all the current gadgets and gizmos to make sure that you are getting a fair deal. The first time we visited his shop was on Thanksgiving day...yes he opened up just for us so we could get the rest of our meal together for our friends. You get graet bucks for your goods and he uses the up to the minute price to calculate your return. Give him a call and tell him that Fay sent you. 
Jan 11, 2010
 Excellent service! I appreciate them coming in on their day off (Sunday) and buying my gold when I urgently needed the money. They were fair & very professional in their service, Thank you Soundgoldbuyers! 

 John ‎ - Jan 5, 2010
Very happy with my experience I sold some gold crowns and a gold chain to Sound Gold Buyers. I did a lot of research about selling gold before I went, and had a good idea of what I thought would be reasonable. Sound Gold Buyers was thorough, fast and fair, and I was very happy with my experience. 

Dan ‎ - May 30, 2011
5 stars. What else can I say? Ben was very friendly, helpful and professional. Highest recommendations. 
Thorrad ‎ - Nov 30, 2010
 Ben was fantastic! Having never sold precious metals and being cautious of being taken for a ride, I checked all over the web. The reviews here helped a lot and in the end what everyone says is true, the experience was simple and very fair. If there is anything you want in a transaction like this it is to feel like you got a great deal. Ben made it perfectly clear that he is buying at market rates. Even checking for an immediate quote as we sat there. I will definitely go back if I find any more to sell! 
 my booty ‎ - Nov 23, 2010
THE BEST! This was my first experience with a gold buyer... all future selling with certainly be with this company. I was very anxious and leery in searching for a reputable company to deal with. I was in the dark as to how the system worked. Ben (the owner) made me comfortable immediately. He is knowledgeable, fair and explained the process to me. His personality is also to be commended. The experience and the check were both very rewarding. I am highly recommending Sound Gold Buyers Thank you, Ben. 

Moved to post a rave review
By chameleonic - Feb 18, 2010
You really should take my word for it: Ben at Sound Gold Buyers is a rare and priceless gem on his own. Why take my word for it? Well, because for one thing, I stopped bothering to post reviews of any sort years ago; and the reviews I posted waaaaay back when were NEVER good ones. I'm the sort of curmudgeon who is usually only motivated to put the effort into writing & uploading a review if I've had a monstrously awful experience with some product or service. That's right, I've NEVER HAD ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT ANYONE. Until now, that is... Ben at Sound Gold buyers is first and foremost absolutely honest, and FAIR. Fair, i.e. he's not interested in ripping anyone off. I did some research after my 1st visit with him and the rates that other places charge for taking that load o' gold etc. off your hands is way, way way more--go anywhere other than Sound Gold and you will most likely get peanuts for the items you bring in. As well as the honest & fair bit, I'm also extremely impressed with how courteous & professional Ben is. God, if only a few more of the people I do business with were as polite, easygoing, approachable & yet still professional as this guy is... man, I'd sure like going to work a lot more, for sure. Heck, if more of my interactions with other people were as consistently great as my interactions with Sound Gold Buyers and Ben, I might even start kinda liking humans again. Oh, one more thing: This gentleman is so on the up-and-up, so NOT a con artist, that I felt totally fine REFERRING MY MOM TO HIM. I don't refer my mom to ANYONE EVER. Go to Sound Gold Buyers, I swear on a stack o' bibles you will not regret going. And Ben, thanks for inspiring me to say something nice about a guy for a change! Just don't tell anyone I know I've got this cranky antisocial old fart image to keep up.... :)


Excellent service!
By nikksfixx - Jan 11, 2010
I appreciate them coming in on their day off (Sunday) and buying my gold when I urgently needed the money. They were fair & very professional in their service, Thank you Soundgoldbuyers!‎



By Cathie T.

Seattle, WA - 3/22/2010  Very friendly up-front service.  Ben tests and weighs your gold right in front of you and will answer any questions you may have . . . . not hidden from view!  Prices are competitive with everyone else who buys gold