We are a locally owned company with four generations of jewelry experience buying and selling gold and silver in Seattle, WA.  Our business model is simple: keep our overhead low so we can pay you the most money for your gold and diamonds.  We are not a pawn shop, rare coin dealer, nor jewelry store with inventory sitting on the shelves that we have to pay for by passing those costs on to the customer.  Buying gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds in any condition is the only thing we do.  


We are licensed in the state of Washington, as well as the City of Seattle.  You can rest assured knowing that you are doing business with the most professional precious metals buyer in Puget Sound.  Our scales have been calibrated and locked by the City of Seattle, giving you confidence that you are being paid for the exact weight when you sell us your gold, silver, and platinum.  Most people are unaware that the calibration of scales can be altered to reduce the actual weight of the items, cheating the client out of money that is rightfully theirs.  We also use the highest quality karat testers available in order to determine the purity of your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, coins, and silverware.


At Sound Gold Buyers, we believe your items are your money and you should be paid the most for them, in a professional, convenient, and comfortable setting.




































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