When you are looking to sell gold in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound, visit us at Sound Gold Buyers.  We also buy your unwanted silver, platinum, and diamonds.


Don't mail your unwanted precious metal items to some online company you've never done business with. And certainly don't go to a hotel event to be paid with a fake check by someone that will be out of state the following morning. Do you really want to sell your gold jewelry to an unlicensed individual you met online that's conducting business at a coffee shop?  How about laying out your valuables at a kiosk in the mall?  Or what about a coin dealer that knows coins but has very little knowledge of jewelry?


Come to our convenient Seattle location to sit down with a 4th generation jeweler who will weigh and grade your precious metals honestly using the most advanced equipment. We are licensed to do business in the City of Seattle, as well as the State of Washington. Our scales have been calibrated and locked by the City of Seattle, insuring that you are being paid for the true weight of your jewelry.


When you are looking to sell gold in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area, we are the gold buyer you want to visit.  Remember that YOUR ITEMS = YOUR MONEY, so receive top dollar and visit us at Sound Gold Buyers.





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